Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary, Akure, has a history that is historic. The crisis that rocked Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide in the early 1990s made the leadership of the Church to site an Ordination Centre in Akure in 1993. This Ordination Centre was saddled with the responsibility of training men that would be ordained into the pastoral ministry of the Mission. In 1994, the Supreme Council of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide gave the approval that the Ordination Centre, created in 1993 in Akure, should become a theological seminary where servants of God would be trained for the ministerial work. Thus, an ordination centre metamorphosed into a theological seminary bearing the name of the Mission: Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary. A theological seminary needs competent leadership. Therefore, the Supreme Council of the Mission appointed the late Pastor J.O. Akintola as the Seminary Provost. Pastor J.O. Akintola took over the leadership of the infant Seminary and piloted it from 1994 to 1995. Pastor J.I. Adu was appointed as the Provost of the Seminary by the Supreme Council of the Church in 1995. He took over the administration of the Seminary and continued to build on the good and formidable work started by Pastor J.O. Akintola of blessed memory. Pastor J.I. Adu worked vigorously and relentlessly to lay a solid and concrete foundation for the Seminary. From 1995 to 2004, he worked tirelessly to nurse the Seminary from infant stage to adult stage. His good work would have exceeded the year 2004, but his home call to be with the Lord halted it. His good work for this prestigious theological Seminary can never be forgotten. We shall ever live to remember him for his good work for the Seminary. After the home call of Pastor J.I. Adu in 2004, the Supreme Council of the Mission saw an excellent replacement in a vibrant, energetic and committed servant of God. He is Pastor William O. Falae. He was appointed the Provost of the Seminary in 2005. He was not redundant and slothful. He worked tremendously, like others before him, to take the Seminary through monumental stages of development which the Seminary community as well as the Mission can never forget. His commitment, power of focus, hardworking prowess, resourcefulness, acumen and doggedness cannot be overemphasized. This indefatigable servant of God, in 2015, religiously relinquished this position for a higher task in the Mission. We doff our hats for him.In January 2016, the Supreme Council of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide appointed Pastor Abiodun Kayode David as the new Provost of the Seminary to continue building on the good works the former Provosts have done. From 1994 up to date, the Seminary has trained and rolled out a great number of seasoned men and women of God who are serving the Lord faithfully in the church and in the government. We give thanks to God our Father who has used men in this capacity to raise men and women of substance for the kingdom business.