You are welcome to the official website of Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary. Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary is an interdenominational theological institution owned by Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide. The institution is poised to raise men and women for God, and His service- men and women that are academically informed, theologically sound, psychologically fit, emotionally prepared, ministerially competent and spiritually fervent and acute. As a theological institution, our programme is designed to give theological soundness and wholeness as well as academic prowess and spiritual fervency and acumen to our students. These will enable them to stand tall among their equals anywhere in the world, and be ultimately relevant to the Church and the society at large wherever they may find themselves in the world.
Furthermore, the institution has designed a platform by which a student, at graduation, can boast not only of being a trained or professional cleric but also of being a trained Christian teacher and a theologian. On purpose, we designed our curriculum to produce a cleric, teacher and theologian in a single programme. Therefore, our programme is three-in-one programme.
With heart of love, we welcome you to peruse our official website to discover who we are and what we offer.
Thank you! God bless You!