This is a two year programme. A candidate has three options to select from:

        # Diploma in Theology

        # Diploma in Biblical Studies

        # Diploma in Christian Education

Any option a candidate may select will appear on his/her certificate at the completion of this programme.


A candidate should check below to know the years of study applicable for his admission.

  Four Year Degree Programme

A candidate without Diploma certificate may apply for four year degree programme at a stretch.

Three Year Degree Programme

A candidate who posseses N.C.E., H.N.D. and B.A. or degree certificate may be considered for three year degree programme.

 Two Year Degree Programme

A candidate who posseses a two year diploma certificate may be allowed to do two year degree programme.

A degree programme candidate has three options to select from:

               # Bachelor of Art in Theology

               # Bachelor of Art in Biblical Studies

               # Bachelor of Art in Christian Education


The concentration of our programmes of study is on four basic areas. These are:

         # General Education Studies

         # Education Core Studies

         # Biblical Studies

         # Theological Studies


General Education Studies contains twenty courses. These courses are put together to furnish our students with the required general knowledge which is relevant to the other three areas of studies. They give leverage and boost to the other three. They make our students versatile. Without them the three other areas of studies are incomplete. They put our students on the platform of applicability and proper usability of the three other areas of studies.

                     EDUCATION CORE STUDIES

Education Core Studies has eighteen education courses. These eighteen education courses are carefully selected to equip our students with the knowledge and skills of teaching profession. The blend of the courses of General Education Studies and Education Core Studies helps to produce our students as professional teachers. They can serve as school administrators, school counselors as well as teachers of children, youth and adults.

                     BIBLICAL STUDIES

Biblical Studies offers twenty-four core biblical courses. These biblical courses deal with the Bible. They treat the content of the Bible. Therefore, they furnish our students with the knowledge of the content of the Holy Bible, and the applicability of its teachings in the churches, schools, and the society at large. In other words, they make our students to stand on the path Bible scholars.

                     THEOLOGICAL STUDIES

Theological Studies is having twenty-two theological courses. These courses are designed to produce our students as clerics, christian counselors, church administrators, Bible interpreters as well as Bible exegetes. With the knowledge of Biblical Studies and Theological Studies, our students are produced as professional clergymen and clergywomen, Bible erudite and theological experts. 


Our programme is significant to the Church and the society at large. Consequently. our graduates can serve in these areas:

                   As Church Leaders

Our courses equip our graduates to serve as pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets, and apostles in the Church. They can also serve as Sunday School Superintendents, Sunday School Coordinators or Supervisors, Christian Counselors, Evangelism Coordinators, Mission Coordinators, Church Administrators, Youth Ministers, Chaplains, Campus Ministers, Missionaries etc.

                   As Teachers

Our students are rolled out as professional teachers. The core educational courses and general education courses put them on this path. They can serve as teachers of children, youth, adults as well as school administrators, school counselors, and social workers.

                   As Lecturers

Our four year programme prepares our graduates to be competent teaching lecturers in theological institutions. It also equips them for their graduate studies (Master and PhD).